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Monday, December 29, 2008


I'd realized that a hunter was not for me. In spite of my lovely corehound & my cuddly devilsaur, rather than enjoying the lack of threat from any mob at all, I found myself battling unconsciousness constantly. It's not fun.

Easy does not equal fun. It's rather disappointing.

So, I rolled a mage. Keith felt that I had some mental issues when I opted to roll a level 1 rather than transfer a mage from another server (I have a couple gnomes), but the fact of the matter was that I WANTED THE ANGRYFACE.

The 1st time I rolled a gnome, I picked the pretty face with the green eyes. It's just automatic to always go for the prettiest face. But then we got those Christmas gnome machines --- whatever they are called --- which we would all 15 of us use before going into a BG.   And I would go back & forth in it until I got the Angry Face.

Then one day Channon asked why I didn't roll a gnome with the angry face, & then I could always have the Angry Face gnome.

And so I ended up with a 2nd gnome mage on our old server. Well... I didn't really have an interest in any of the other gnome classes.

Angryface on the old server wasn't of high enough level to be worth transferring, & I felt that having the Angry Face would be more conducive to leveling for me, so I deemed it worthwhile to roll all over again.

Bleh. I forgot what it's like to level a mage.

So while everyone was doing Naxx on Khaz Modan, I was bouncing/hopping along on my Angry Face gnome. Finally getting Pyroblast was like high school graduation. Phil was kind enough to run me through Stockades & then RFD. Warlock AE is pretty bad ass.

We played the looting game again. I also couldn't control myself on several occasions & I ended up charging into the middle of Phil's group & Blast Waving. And then dying. Well, it was fun.

I think Blast Wave has to be the greatest redeeming factor of Mage Fire Spec. I've always been a fan of Frost (Tamastara leveled to 60 Frost... yeah, it took awhile.), but this Blast Wave stuff... & then this Dragon Breath stuff... well, what mage doesn't go crazy for AE?

I should probably keep leveling Angryface. A couple of weeks ago I couldn't stand it any more & I started playing Tamastara (Bloodscalp) & Jaspre (Uldum) again. I just couldn't stay with the herd, although I did try. But the fact of the matter is I think I'm just an Undead chick.

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