We started out as Horde on Tichondrius, then were Alliance on Staghelm, then... sheesh, I forget already.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Landing on Khaz Modan.

So, I didn't want to play Alliance.

However, the very guys that got me to start playing WoW again (luring me back with a Horde contingent, on a PvP server) were joining other old friends with their uber Alliance toons to play on a PvE server. No, it didn't make it sound any better.

To add to my misery, the only Alliance character I had above 60 was a Hunter, & after playing Deep Frost on Tamastara when Burning Crusade came out, I knew that my mage was simply more fun. Thinking I had found my home, I never went back to my dear Minionette, as ezmode as she was.

But now I had to.

To help the pill go down, the guys --- including one guildie who is probably sorry he did anything to help me since then --- took me to MC to get me a corehound. It was my first night back & not only did I have to spec Beast Mastery, a tree I had not previously explored, I just plain had to remember how to play a hunter at all.

I know hunters don't require very much. It was more like I had to train myself to not try to spam Frostbolt with a crossbow.

So, we entered MC.

I screwed up trying to tame 3 or 4 dogs. At level 62 I'd do a smooth body pull, or aggro an extra mob. I'd manage to trap the dog, but not take my autoshoot off (I think that was what was happening). It was a little ridiculous & I was sweating bricks here, worried that I was wasting everyone's time with my ineptitude.

I finally did manage to tame a doggy, but it took several stress-filled minutes of Tako tanking & the healers minimally healing him as I did everything I could think of to get fricking aggro without using up too much mana. Remembering I had fricking Distracting Shot helped. You understand, I hadn't played Minionette in almost 2 years. But finally... it worked.

We then continued on, probably for nostalgia, & downed Garr just before the server shut down.

Anyway, thanks guys. If hunter pets were bags, you guys gave me a Gucci.

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