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Monday, December 15, 2008

WotLK on Khaz Modan.

November 13, 2008.

I was still only 67. I'd busted a proverbial nut getting there & I was still too low to go to Northrend. My own fault, of course. I had dilly dallied for quite awhile.

When I made 68, I still had a ton of green quests in Nagrand. To this day I still haven't even set foot in Blade's Edge Mountains or Netherstorm. I've been to Shadowmoon Valley once, to get my slow flying mount. It was all the spiders & birdmen. All that rep grinding.

Everyone else was already enroute to 71, with Ryan1 already there. At Kanpai we'd jokingly mused over who would hit 80 first, & I had been confused as to why there was even any doubt that it would be Ryan1. Dude is a nutcase. He's crazy. I can't believe he has a girlfriend. Unless she's the one standing there with the little tub for him to poop in.

Ok, I'm just joking. It was also a bad mental image. But seriously. Ryan1 is on drugs.

When I hit 68 the only person willing/low enough level to participate in my Northrend Debut was Phil. Tako got a lot of Ladies' Man mileage from my good fortune. However, a Hunter, a Devilsaur, a Warlock & a Felguard make a pretty kick ass questing group. I got so sloppy it was ridiculous & Phil would just ride straight through Shoveltusk Bulls like that was the way he meant to go. Then he'd get unhorsed & we'd have to kill it.

One of the coolest early quests was rescuing baby murlocs. You know, baby murlocs --- those things that some bastards got for going to one of the damn geekfests that I can never go to. Dammit.

Just for a little while, I could have baby murloc pet. They made the coolest noises. Little happy gurgles. I was going adoption crazy. Crazy, I tell you.

Part of me was foolish enough to hope that maybe... just maybe, we were going to get to keep one of the little tadpoles as a quest reward. Of course, then I would have seen folks running around with these in tow all over Northrend. But no, logic is not my strongest suit when it comes to pets.

And here, I'm going to have to say "To Be Continued" because it's 5:15am & I'm fricking tired. I shall post up the rest of the November 13+ pics tomorrow or something. Goodnight.

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