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Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Khaz Modan!

With my new Gucci pet, I proceeded to dilly dally about with Minionette's leveling.

Hallowed End trick-or-treating got me Sinister Squashling pets for both Minionette & my I Still Yearn To Spam Frostbolt gnome mage, thereby insuring the life of both characters.

The Echoes of Doom patch brought a lot of very cool new things to gameplay, like Achievements (this spells disaster for people with OCD) & a free Fire Ball for Deep Frost mages. Yeah, I do still yearn.

I did get a lot of help from my higher level guildies, but frankly I didn't empty out that Rested XP for a long time. Right off the bat I screwed myself regarding faction: after taking the tour of Shatt, I chose alignment with the Scryers.

This decision was made not for the cool enchants or the tradeskilling items you could get from the Scryers, but because the Scryers' platform was lower to the ground than the Aldors' & so I could usually survive jumping from it.

I hate elevators, ok?

The reason why taking Scryers was bad was because it turned out there were almost 300 Marks of Sargeras in the guild bank.

So, just minutes after I had aligned myself with The Scryers, I found myself outside in Terrokar, killing spiders. I think I leveled 62-63 just getting Neutral with The Aldor. But on the bright side, I also collected a few stacks of Netherweb Silk that I could give to our tailors.

This pain & suffering reminded me about Lower City rep, & I think I leveled 63-64 just grinding Arakkoa Feathers. So, at 64, I still had a buttload of green quests in Zangarmarsh & even Hellfire. I hadn't even touched the quests in Terokkar.

As November 13th neared, I found myself still dilly dallying. My wake up call was when Ryan2, 70, flew over to Zangarmarsh solely to help me finish my quests. I tried to get some decent screenshots but that guy just doesn't stand still.

At that point I realized that I had a good reason to get Minionette to 70, so that I could actually do stuff with everyone else when the new expansion came out. And I had about a week. It also reminded me that there were a lot of really nice people in my guild that I wanted to play with.

You know, it makes me nauseous, how everyone is always saying that Hunters are "so ezmode." BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY TRUE. It's ridiculously true. Tako advised me to go tame a Devilsaur from Un'Goro because they were faster leveling pets than Corehounds (It's like Victorinox vs Gucci. Which one has more pockets?), & so I went & picked one up. And sure enough, even a few levels short, things flew even faster than they already had been. I'm a Hunter & that was a pun. Oh well.

I did 5 levels in less than a week. And then November 13th found me standing outside Ala Moana GameStop at 11pm, cutting in line with Jahni & Fique, so I could get my copy of Wrath Of The Lich King.

And that's the next blog.

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