We started out as Horde on Tichondrius, then were Alliance on Staghelm, then... sheesh, I forget already.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Last days on Bloodscalp

I know, I know --- you're all going to vomit if you hear me whine about how I would rather play Horde because it's less gay which makes it more immersive for me. And how I would rather play on a pvp server because, well, it's less gay & because I like world pvp.


Vomit away, you freaking gay bastards.

It was with a moderate sense of horror that I received the news - disgruntled Alliance FTMers on Staghelm & formerly disgruntled FTM Alliance players who had, when Burning Crusade came out, migrated to Zangarmarsh & named themselves after what they felt like they were on Staghelm --- "The Forgotten" ---were now merging on an LA based server called Khaz Modan to perhaps lose the disgruntledness & be happy again.


So I had no idea, this day when we ran Magisters Terrace on heroic mode, that I would have to choose between my beloved, naughty Tamastara &... gayness. But I'd have to choose the latter if I wanted to play with my friends. As gay as they might be.

I do have a couple of videos from this run posted up on YouTube.   You have to click on the "View in high quality" link at the bottom right of the screen to be able to see anything though.   Otherwise it looks like crap.   If anyone knows how to SHOW the video in high quality by default, please tell me how.

I continued to queue up for BGs even though a general sense of lack of direction in regards to BGs had settled in. I continued to kill hunters' pets & then run away. Some things just become habit, I guess.

One day we decided to run some of the Coilfang instances, & I was the first to get to the summoning stone. There was a human pally named Rowend also hanging out, & since I'm of the "live & let live, but it would be more fun if you hit me" philosophy, I hung out with him. I just cruised. His armor sure was pretty.

Rowend didn't make a move until one of his friends showed up, which I think is kind of weaksauce, since his shit was from Neiman Marcus & my shit was from Jeans Warehouse. Instead he waited for one of his friends to show up --- as luck would have it, a hunter --- & then the two of them karanged my ass without even giving me a slight chance at downing the pet.

I wept.

This probably caused my friends to swim a little faster. By the time my rather bruised ghost ass had gotten back to the summoning stone & rezzed there was already a decent skirmish going on. We continued to arrive & they apparently also had more coming.

We had three stealthers & besides Ryan1 & so in the end it turned out kind of how most of our world pvp tends to turn out: us camping them for as long as we possibly could as if we had no lives whatsoever.

Of course we have lives.

What we didn't have was marshmallows. I mean... you'd think that a role playing game that allows you to buy supplies to make a campfire would also have marshmallows somewhere.

But no. No marshmallows.

Oh well.

Eventually we did run out Alliance & we ended up running our instance.

A couple of pics of Stratholme with Tako's 3 characters & Rob. Damn, can druids tank. I did go on several AE sprees in here. And I died. At level 70, I died AEing in Stratholme. /sigh

Also, I want an elephant baby. I want one.

This picture is from Quel'Danas; I found that if you sheep a mounted Blood Knight after aggroing (not before; he has to be aggroed), it's extra embarrassing for the Blood Knight. This piece of information may have been the catalyst to Keith's return to magedom on Tichondrius after a several month break. "I'm gonna log in just so I can see that," he told me.

And finally, a pleasant memory to end my little space of happiness with Tamastara. I left the pictures big because... well, because I'm lazy.

But this picture is normal sized.

I guess I can only hope that eventually we get tired of doing whatever we're doing on the new server & we return to our Horde characters on Bloodscalp. I mean, dammit, we had only just transferred there. A lot of the guys we're playing with on Khaz Modan won't play on the Horde side because it would be more work for them, or maybe some of them don't want to play ona pvp server.

Normally I would just say "You guys have fun; I'm going to go do what I want to do," but in this instance I decided to put the direction of the group before my own. Only time will tell if that was a stupid decision or not. But I tend to think not.

Still, I sure miss Tamastara. I really miss her.

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