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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slammers, June 2008

Sorry for the long delay. It was a pretty full summer & I'm only now getting to a buttload of pictures & other recordings that have piled up. These are some pictures from a get together back in June, when we still had Monday night pizza at Slammers on Kalakaua.

Basically, I have a bunch of pictures of Brent in his final stages of Alcohol Victiminity (of course that's a real word.). This is just one of the ways Brent won his way into being a permanent fixture in the GMOTD.

For the record, Brent did drink a lot of shots & so I commend him for being a good sport, & for providing us with great entertainment. You get boring when you get old, you know.

At glasses up (much to Brent's distress, as expressed in the video!) everyone moved out into the parking lot.   On any other night we'd make plans to eat somewhere or say goodbye & go home, but on this evening we all hung out in back of Slammers because... because it was entertaining to do so.

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