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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Landing on Bloodscalp.

When Bryan first started leveling his rogue with us on Onyxia, I recall one of the first things he said was "Who the fuck picked this server?"

On my mage I didn't really notice the 350+ ping except when I tried to CS. But when I decided to level my rogue I noticed there was a problem. For months we agonized over it; Phil, Tako, Baron & I rolled level 1s on various LA-based servers, reporting pings to eachother. We kept checking & checking. Bryan's subscription expired & he disappeared. I no longer had someone to mock in guildchat.   I mean, there's Tako but he gives me the guilt trip so it's no fun.

It took Channon, & the opening of PvE to PvP transfers, to put things in motion. "I'm moving my druid to Onyxia," he said. "No, wait; we're going to move to an LA based server so don't transfer until we know which one," I said.

"I'm gonna move him," Channon said.

Fuckfuckfuck. "K, hold on," I said. I checked my notes. I knew that I was going to have to make a decision --- something that we had all avoided for months & months. No one wanted to choose the new server. If it turned out fucked up in any way, the chooser would be to blame. I didn't want to choose the new server. What if it wasn't that much of a latency improvement? What if Ryan1 had decided he didn't want to transfer now? What if Bryan had actually by now decided never to reactivate his account?

"Bloodscalp," I said.

Channon moved his druid to Bloodscalp.

I sent out the email.

The next day I moved Tamastara, &, even though I had said I wasn't going to until she hit 70, Isep.   To be honest, it made more sense to have my rogue over where there was a more reasonable ping than my mage.   

As agreed, I Paypal'd Kevin $25 but was let off the hook by Aaron.   I held my breath as Ryan2 reported a ping of 82 (what??  I got 150!!) & slowly FTMers trickled over.

Channon made the guild charter & Phil, Alex & Miles, who couldn't transfer just yet, rolled level 1s to provide signatures.   The accessibility of various friends' accounts also helped.   See, it's trust that keeps us together.   Literally.

And FTM was established on Bloodscalp.

Bryan, King of Dorks, informed me that he would eventually return to claim his title when business events gave him more time.   I called him a fag.   I threw things at him. Then we drank Corrallejo & I forgot what I had been talking about.

Bloodscalp, so far, seems to have more Alliance than Onyxia did. Of course, Onyxia had more Alliance than Shattered Halls, since I'm certain I actually saw red once or twice on Onyxia.

During my first week on Bloodscalp I can recall getting jumped by Alliance twice in a 3 hour period, which is more than I've gotten since Tichondrius (nothing can beat Tichondrius world pvp.   Oh... but then, we were Alliance.).   The first time I got dursted by a warlock.   Once upon a time, dursted.   The end.

The second time it was a human priest who jumped me while I was farming Firewing Signets in Terokkar; luckily Vanish was up & I had 5 stacks of Flash Powder in my bags from pickpocketing.

She ran around looking for me.   Like a little kitty cat, I slunk off.   She started pulling mobs to try & lure me out.   Yeah, I may never forgive myself.   I just might not have been ready.   I mean, it had been so long.   It's like, ghost town.

While I was questing in Nagrand I was jumped by a gnome rogue, who got me the first time.   I got him the 2nd time.

He got me the 3rd time.

Then his Night Elf priest friend showed up & I failed to get either of them the 4th time.

I failed the 5th time too.

And by then Channon, level 64 I think, had landed in Nagrand to help rectify (heh, I said "rectify.") the situation.

Rob came along as well & the three of us had a short stint of stealth camping, made successful mostly by the gnome's tenacity; he was determined to stick around & kill at least one of us before we got him.   I realized that Combat Swords wasn't much use in pvp.   For one, I needed to move faster while stealthed.   Dammit.

Being a stealth jacker --- really, that's what a rogue is --- definitely has its upsides, regardless of what spec.   One day some guy named Puunisher was asking for help at Ring of Blood because some Alliance were jumping them when they engaged the NPCs.

I was chatting with Keith on the phone at the time.   I was level 67.   Puunisher, & Pawnisher, reported being harrassed by 3 level 70s - a paladin, warrior & druid.

"I should go," I told Keith, resignedly.   I had visions of being camped by 3 level 70s - a deadly class combination as well - basically like being camped by someone 143 levels higher than me, if you do the math - but dammit, do unto others!   Besides, I was on my rogue.   I'm supposed to pvp.   And dammit, I'm LAUREN, MOTHERFUCKERS. 



"I would just turn around & head the other way," Keith advised me.   But then he thought about it.   "Ring of Blood, though..."

"I'm already here," I said.

So anyway, I'd say that our move to Bloodscalp is going pretty well so far.   I've been badly neglecting my leveling efforts on Uldum, but hey, Bryan's doing welcoming committee shit at Kanpai & he's the bastard who wanted to move in the first place.   I'm just the messenger.   And the person who picked the server.   And it's good.   Right?


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