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Friday, January 2, 2009

Brewfest, literally.

We were going to 4-man the Brewfest guy. I say 4 man because although there were 5 of us, I was only 61 or 62. Tako had just finished celebrating the football game having a BBQ at his house & was sitting at his desk with an almost-finished bottle of 151. Which he intended to finish.

The first time we wiped it was because we needed a different strategy. The 2nd time, I noticed Tako would lay DoTs, then stop moving, & I'd yell at him on Vent & he would say, "Wha-what? I'm DPSing." I'm not sure if we wiped 3 or 4 times, but the final wipe involved a sound strategy but it was really difficult to play because 1) we couldn't hear eachother over Tako's snoring, & 2) we were laughing too hard.

Anyway, I have Vent recordings & a couple other videos, but Tako's still my friend & I want to keep it that way, so that's all I got. lol

Email me for recordings.

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