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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh, Tamastara.

There's a lot of fishing in Northrend.

I don't know why it is I gotta play Tamastara. It's not that I want to play a mage, because I have a mage on Uldum & it's just not the same feeling. It's not that I want to be 70+, as we saw with poor Minionette. I don't know what it is. It's not just the evil laugh or the bony elbows.

Every other toon I have is just a character that I have. For whatever reason all the things Tamastara does matter more to me than any of my other characters.

Maybe I need professional help.

Being all alone at odd hours, I get a decent amount of pvp. Leveling my mage on Uldum has kind of screwed me a little, because when push comes to shove I can't always remember that I'M FROST, HELLO. So here I am hitting Blast Wave- oh wait.

I think if I only played Tamastara all the time, it would all come back to me. But even now I get stuck. By 70 I've got so much shit I can use but I can't remember where the hell I put it & the OCD part of my psyche freaks out even more because I'm fairly certain I'm not using it in the most efficient order & then I can't think because it's making so much noise. My therapist says it comes from not feeling safe as a child. Well, fuck.

While questing by the murlocs in Borean Tundra, I made friends with a sweet warrior/pally couple who basically followed me everywhere & ganked me probably about 6-7 times.

The first time it was because they were beating on a nearby warlock so I joined in. Naturally by the time I realized that Corruption & Curse of Agony will make it difficult to sheep & so I finally got a Frostbolt off, the lock was dead & I was alone with a warrior & a pally.

Not one of my more popular fantasies.

Needless to say, I got dursted & I'd probably spent most of the engaged time (like, 3 seconds out of 5) trying to remember where the hell I'd bound everything.

The 2nd & 3rd time I was glad they'd come back because it was painfully obvious I needed the practice. Adrenaline has historically gotten me into a lot of trouble & so from childhood - 4th grade, to be specific - I trained myself to kind of shut down when the adrenaline levels surged. Instead, everything slows down & I think to myself, "Is that numpad 3 over there, or is it numpad -? Gosh darn, I wish these buttons would show more than the 1st character of the binding." And by then I'm dead.

The last few times my newfound friends got me I realized that they were anticipating my location by the questline I was on, & that pissed me off. I mean, it wasn't like we were doing the same quests; they were deliberately lying in wait for me. I put up some decent fight at the end but I can't kill a warrior with a pally healing him. And I can't sheep a pally with DoTs on her. And that warlock was on the same questline.

And then there was the pally/DK team. Actually, initially it was just a DK that jumped me while I was pulling a mob. I rezzed, medded, went & found her, & waited until she was done with her mob so that we could go again & she could kick my ass.

I don't know anything about DKs, which explains why I was willing to stand inside her anti-magic thingy & wonder why she wasn't getting hurt. Frankly, the fact that there are so many damn DKs running around is probably good reason to roll one myself so I can learn what those 5 million direct damage, instant cast, self healing spells they have are. Fuckers. I hate DKs.


I figure I'll level a DK after I get Tamastara to 80. I can only do so many different things at once. I have the mage & priest on Uldum, & Tamastara here. And all this fishing.

There are some very cool quests on Northrend. I've been enjoying them. When I was in 9th grade, my favorite band was Ratt. I also had a succession of pet rats that one of the senior guys would get for me. Two of them ran away into the wild, 1 ("Rook") ate wolmanized wood & died, & my last one, a gentle, affectionate Rowan I named Rue, lived a few years before developing cancer (Rowans do that) & growing tumors all over her body.

I buried her at one of my favorite hiking spots.

I made Channon log on to make me a 2nd bank tab because all the herbs & fish wouldn't fit in my own bank & I didn't want to make a mule. Because when I make mules I forget what they have on them.

One of the guys at the bar, who plays FFxi, asked me how the new WoW expansion was. I said it was great. He then asked me if it made WoW a better game. When I didn't understand the question, he explained that the latest FFxi expansion had made FFxi a better game.

"That's because FFxi needed to become better," I said. "WoW is already a great game & the expansion doesn't change the game, only adds more content, making it the same game, with more stuff." I had probably imbibed a significant amount of tequila that night (probably; I'm just guessing, randomly). And that guy still comes in & sits on my bar. He must be really understanding.

I joined a PUG for Azjol Nerub. I did the same for Nexus too. I've had pretty good luck with PUGs; maybe I just bachi'd myself by saying that.

And then there's pvp with level 80 OP classes, who seem to like to hang out at Emerald Dragonshrine. First there was the DK, & then there was the Hunter. I can't learn very much from this. But that DK must have sucked because I got him under 60% before I died. I was 75.

And then it was Christmas.

I have more screenshots, but I think that's enough for now. Tamastara is currently 77 in the Grizzly Hills, enjoying the clean air & good fishing. It may be awhile before I hit 80. But I'm having fun.


Phil said...

I want shabu shabu now...

Krissy said...

i've been trying to get on lately at any moment whether it be only for 5 minutes or 30. i can't remember which server, but it's the one with tamastara. unfortunately, i haven't bumped into you yet. i'm trying to stick with the priest and so far it's going well. hopefully we'll run into eachother. nico is going on a trip with my parents next week, so hopefully i can get on alot more. =)