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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Winter on Staghelm: PvP on a PvE server

And so commences my first FTM blog on Blogger. God knows anything would be better than freaking MySpace.
With winter came Blizzard's seasonal Winter Veil event, & with Winter Veil came that machine outside Ironforge that turns you into a gnome. Sweet.

I know, we're a bunch of dorks. But then this is WoW we're talking about.

I keep telling Monica she needs to hurry up & get level 60 so she can PvP with us. It's so much more fun to play with guildies who communicate over Vent & actually have a plan. And with so many idiots playing Alliance, it's probably very rare as well.

The Gnome rage continued. For quite awhile. Winter Veil is probably my favorite Blizzard seasonal event.

I can't decide which I like better; Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin. I guess as long as it's with guildies it's fun. Even the games we lose are fun, outside of the occasional crying that occurs on Vent. Well, at least it's only occasional. There are still guys who are good sports about it & can appreciate when another team has played well. A few.

Then there was some "spontaneous" PvP in Westfall while I was levelling Audrey's dorf Priest, Yume. When I say "Spontaneous" I mean non-BG PvP; since we're on a PvE server there actually is no PvP out in the world unless someone deliberately "flags" for it. In this case, an Undead rogue was running around Sentinel Hill flagged, trying to get some stupid noobs to succumb to temptation & hit him, which would then flag them. And of course some noobs did. And then Phil flew in.

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of good action shots. Well, next time.

And, then, the gnome madness continues. Grats Tako on the shoulders.

Phil was saying that he could change gnome faces at will. But in truth he only seems to switch between a few faces, & mostly the old one. There were many more changes than this, but I figured I would spare you all. Somewhat.

Anyway, you get the idea.

FTM gnomes continued to run around in WSG & AB. Gnome suits are kidna convenient for Priest, I would think, because you can't be identified immediately on sight as a healer. You just look like this little red or green thing hopping around. I swear that in the green Angry Face Gnome guise, I died a lot less. It could have been because I could hide in bushes; I dunno.

Look, Phil's still going.

Then, here are some pictures of Monica's boyfriend, Rich, in BRD. Phil & Aaron, with Birdy there to save us all, ran him through Tanking 101. It was probably traumatic. Rich had to listen to us talking through Monica's speakers, since his Mac couldn't run FTM Vent, & of course anything he wished to reply had to be typed. But I did get some pretty pictures. Rich is a photographer for the Star Bulletin, btw.

And then!!!! I got my crossbow!!!

I know, I know... all the other hunters have their epic bows. The nice big green things. Well, fuck. I got the sinew & talked to the trees what - 5 months ago? - & I haven't done it, & I refuse to have Phil kill the demons for me. If it's a once-per-hunter thing then I'm not giving it away. I'll do it when I do it. Shut the hell up. Go pick on Dave.

I've had pretty good luck with GMs so far on Staghelm; I only ever had one that wasn't any fun. The others were either funny, or at least tolerant. I don't know if GM Nefour heard Samberg & Timberlake's "Dick In A Box" but he was a good sport about it.

And then, I've had poor luck with kids that can't spell. Someone can't spell, then I pick on him, & then he turns out to be a little kid. Geez. And all this time I thought it was a whole lotta illiterate adults playing WoW. Well, it's probably still true.

Oh look! More spontaneous PvP! In Westfall! Hey, there's Phil!

Guess I was on Angryface. I like her; she's fun.

Let's take a break for some gayness.

And now, some "spontaneous" PvP in Eastern Plaguelands. Bryan ("Seki") got into a little brawl with a couple of Not Suitable For Kids guys, & Phil & Jay (Kefe) went down to even it out a bit, but there were always more Horde. I flew down, but at the time I got there, the Horde were getting spanked a little too much by our majority or 1 or 2 fewer than them, & so I would have felt bad joining in.

But my moment arrived. They still seemed outnumbered... for a little while.

Look at Jay go!

Then a few more Horde arrived or joined in, & we were somewhat outnumbered. In addition to that, the fighting got a little too close to the Argent Dawn guys, who kicked everyone's asses.

Eventually Stillblade & friends moved back to Light's Hope Chapel, seeking a little breather amidst the Argent Dawn guards. Haterade was by far the most popular guy with us. We focus fired him at least twice. That was fun.

And then the carnage continued.

And then here's that guy Juicce that we just saw in WSG last night. This guy had some major issues; he was emoting all over the place. Even Dave complained about him: "Juicce is gay." And coming from Dave, that's pretty bad.

Still flagged, our Horde friends rode away from LHC to the nearest tower, & we followed. No, we didn't feel like dicks. We were all going to have big repair bills anyway.

On Thursday, although my dinner ran kidna late, I still managed to get into the BWL raid. Nefarion's level is certainly pretty.

And then it was back to PvP.

And so ends my first FTM blog on Blogger.com. Let's go see how this thing looks.

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Monica said...

OMG, I didn't even read your post yet...the video cracks me up! Was that on SNL this past Christmas? HAHAHAHA! egad, I gotta stop laughing.

Reid said...

Nice. I like the video at the end. :) I hop I ever mispell anthing. lol :) *I hope you have a great new year*