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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Landing on Uldum.

And so I moved to Uldum.

So, I already had a level 54 mage sitting in Uldum's Stratholme entrance. But she had been there for weeks.   Maybe she was never going to get a Strat/Scholo run.

When I transferred Tamastara, the Kanack Attack welcoming committee was already putting together a welcome package for me.   Terry texted me from Warren's house: "We're checking you out on Armory & planning out your gear."   Thank God.   Because my soloed-to-80-only-ever-did-2-instance-runs self felt a little... you know... ghetto.

Now, I know there are some of you who aren't going to be impressed by my new threads, but believe me, you would have been hella impressed by my old threads --- you would have been impressed by how shitty they were.   But I simply wasn't doing very much there on Bloodscalp by myself.   So this generosity really meant a lot to me.   I mean, hell --- my damage was up to 1200!!

After this, I felt I was ready for anything.

Right away I got to see Violet Hold for the first time.

This was extremely exciting once I got someone to explain to me what VH stood for & where it was. Excellent; I was already in Dalaran!   This was so cool.   I repaired & filled up reagents & everything!!

My first Heroic Violet Hold didn't actually get that far; we wiped several times before giving up.   The shammy healer blamed it on the under par DPS, but actually I had been holding back so as not to pass our tank on my Omen window (yes; I actually finally used it!  Wewt!), & if I at 1200 was holding back, then I'm sure Stef at 1800 was holding back.   And maybe that shammy guy is just a dumbass.

Wipes & dumbass & all, though, it was really awesome to do something in a group again.   I never thought I would say something like that, but can ya blame me??   I'd probably quit a game where I couldn't do anything without a group (hello FFxi), but I don't know how much longer I would have lasted just going fishing every damn day on Bloodscalp.

And the fucked up thing is... my Fishing isn't even 375 yet.

AND THEN!!! Warren got me into a 25-man VoA.

Now, I know what VoA is. It's Vault of Archavon. And I know this, because back on Bloodscalp I had joined a 25-man VoA, & during the long spaces of time while I lay there dead inside the instance I had a lot of space to reflect on where I was.

I mean, they had to rezz me 3 times in there. And it's not like I did anything other than die. I died at the beginning of every fricking mob. Actually, I must have made it through at least 1 trash mob, or more probably they pulled 2 at a time & I didn't even realize it.

So this time I was determined to make it through. To actually land some nukes on something. I told Warren not to move around too much because I was going to stick to him like GLUE. He said what he always says to me:


Anyway, it was like I could hear drums beating when we got in there. I think I had Keith on the phone while I was doing this, & he had to listen to me obsessing about staying alive.

"I need to fucking stay al- OH SHIT FLYING ROCKS!!"

Ok, so my crowning achievement - I stayed out of the flying rocks & the swirling cloud. Good girl. I think Keith was probably as relieved as me when it was over. Frankly this is what I keep Miller Lite in the refrigerator for.

You know.

Miller Time.


stefany said...

Ooh I made a few cameos in your blog. =)

I seriously love your captions. Especially the VOA ones.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL... Grats on surviving VoA, and good luck with fishing.. try to get your Titanium Seal of Dalaran it helps keep you focused while doing pretty much nothing..

ps my grammar and spelling suck

Drunken Ninja said...

Hey Lauren! I see you've been transferrring like a mofo! I heart seki is still going strong...lol. tho' seki is no longer on stag.