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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kanack Attack, continued!

So, I have this friend Krissy.

Krissy used to have a Wood Elf Druid named Kienya that ran around various areas of Norrath with my Dark Elf Mage, Kassafeh. Yes. We were EQ dorks. Krissy stuck with EQ while I made forays into DAoC, NWN, CoV, FFxi & EQ2, but when I started playing WoW she did too. That's 'cuz we're friends. Dork friends.

But real friends. And that's important.

I first rolled Tamastara on Tichondrius, with From Chaos. It was a raiding guild. Then the Hawaii people of From Chaos decided to separate from the mainland people of From Chaos due to irreconcilable differences (like... mutual hatred.), & rolled Alliance toons on Staghelm & called themselves FTM (Fuck The Mainland - after their old Tribes clan). Some of the other Hawaii people of From Chaos remained on Tichondrius, deleting their level 60 Horde toons or utilizing additional accounts to roll Alliance on Tichondrius, forming EH, at which time we (actually, Tako & a few others) leveled up, then tracked down & ganked one of the dudes that had pissed the Hawaii people off enough to leave.

They Fraps'd it too. Excellent job, there. Demonstration of why to play on a PvP server.

In EH, then in FTM, Krissy rolled new toons. And then, because I was about to rip my fucking EYES out if I had to play Alliance any more, we made I Heart Seki on Staghelm, a Horde guild of FTM Horde alts, & Krissy rolled a toon there too. In fact, while I raided Crossroads alongside Seki on my NE hunter, an undead priest named Sekigohan, with the guildname I Heart Seki, was following Bryan around emoting /love at him.

It's called double boxing.

When Burning Crusade came out, my sister Audrey, who was playing a NE priest with EH, expressed an interest in playing Horde again... but not on a godforsaken PvE server. I mean, she was playing Alliance on one of the oldest PvP servers in the game, which meant that there was love to be had, everywhere. Hell no, PvE. So we rolled level 1 Blood Elves on a brand new server, Shattered Halls, guild name: Bunnies. And Krissy rolled a Bunny.

The politics of Bunnies were weird. I decided to quit WoW. In 3 months of not knowing WHAT THE FUCK to do with myself I spent a ridiculous amount of money online shopping. So I came back & moved Tamastara to Onyxia where some of the FTM guys were playing Horde. And then we moved to Bloodscalp for better ping. And then WotLK came out & all the guys went back to their Alliance toons, merging with other From Chaos/FTM original players who had moved to Zangarmarsh on Khaz Modan. And there they remain, happy. Fuckers. Alone on Bloodscalp & not willing to play Alliance, I moved to Uldum to join Kanack Attack.

And so I brought Krissy with me. I'd perused her many characters, none of whom she ever got to level very far because she'd be just getting her groove on & I'd jump to another server. I found her highest level priest, put 10 more levels on it, & moved it to Uldum. And then I bought her a mount. Her first mount ever.

And that was the point of that whole long, boring story. KRISSY GOT A HORSIE. KRISSY HAS HORSIE, BITCHES.

But I was getting to do some fun shit.

And, I got goodies too.

And there was at least one time I did more damage than the tanks.

And I guess I didn't really like that Penny guy.

I got to see more instances. As always, I just did whatever Stef did.

I had to work on reps. Wyrmrest Accord, for one. I had already gotten halfway through Honored with Kirin Tor strictly from doing the daily Cooking quests, which Keith said was really sad (but I have lots of Northern Spices!). I leveled Krissy's priest some more, botting her through multiple Scarlet Monastery runs. I did take some lowbie guildie who since then has disappeared. I can't remember his name, only that after that he seemed to think that I lived to plow lowbies through instances.

That was a little annoying. I don't miss him.
At level 80 I still hadn't even visited Icecrown or Storm Peaks. I needed to get my butt to Storm Peaks to start working on Sons of Hodir rep. Meh, I like questing. It just seems so out of the way though. And the Storm Peaks quests weren't as fun as the Wyrmrest Accord ones.

Every day I got on I did my daily Cooking quest in Dalaran, then I flew down to the Wyrmrest Temple & did the daily there. Then I's fly down to Mo'aki Harbor & gather pups for the Kalu'ak daily, then either travel East or West to do the other Kalu'ak dailies as well as the Wyrmrest dailies in Coldarra.

Aces High! was really hard at first. That damn global cooldown kept faking me out. But I eventually got it.

Drake Hunt, of course, was boring as hell. Except for that one time I picked up an elite add.

And, there were more instances.

And then there were BGs.

I love my spec. I wanted the magic resist in the Arcane tree & then I went for all the proc goodness on the Frost side. I skipped the Improved pet. I never even remember I have one anyway. I got the free Fireball & the constantly proccing Fingers of Frost along with moderately proccing Clearcast.

I jumped into BGs wearing PvE gear. I hear that's what everyone was doing. It seemed to work just fine. I couldn't believe how some people blew up. It was like throwing rocks at the bloated body floating in the river.

Ok, not really.

And, instances continued.

And... BGs continued. Strand of the Ancients became my new favorite pastime. And hunter pets continued to die.

And finally... got my fishing pole & my red horsie.

Man, that was a long blog.

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