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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer of Love

I never thought I would say it, but I'm beginning to have days when I just don't really feel like playing Battlegrounds. Days when I'd rather just do my daily quests, or go fishing.

Now don't get me wrong --- world pvp is still the prize, whether I destroy or am destroyed, but in Battlegrounds I just kind of fall into the same old routine.

Kill the pet.

Kill the pet.

Use Point & Laugh macro.

I think my favorite dailies are on the Isle of Quel'Danas, a level 70 island with beautiful scenery & dailies which gain favor with the Shattered Sun faction.

In EQ I always played Dark Elves, & had the initially scary experience of being charged & one-shotted by guards when I ignorantly tried to enter Felwithe or even parts of Freeport. This instilled in me a desire to beef up my faction with various sectors so that I would no longer feel nervous any time I went anywhere they were too... white.

I did finally get to go to Arcatraz, where I enjoyed effective CC (can't even tell you what a luxury it is) as well as discovered the joys of using Spellsteal in PvE.

I'm so backed up with screenshots that frankly at this time I can't even remember very much about Arcatraz. I'm just fricking happy I got to go. Got my key fragment & cleaned up some other quests. I'm hoping to go back some time, but I haven't had a lot of time to play lately, & when I am on, there aren't really enough people to run anything.

Maybe I should just PUG. Hm.

I've gotten so spoilt.

And in other news, I finally got Exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard. Behold, my new horsie.

And then finally, finally, I got to go to Black Morass.

When I was still in Rapture I recall getting an invite to Black Morass, &, remembering it was the instance Keith had said I would enjoy, accepted.

Only to find out that I didn't have the prerequisites to enter, & was booted from the group with a "Sucks to be u" from one of my own Rapture guildies. And then I cried.

Ok, I didn't. But still, it was a bad experience.

So finally I was able to enter this much-anticipated instance, which reminded me of Swamp of Sorrows... but with DRAGONS. Look, dragons!! I took a lot of pictures. It's unfortunate that everything comes out so freaking green --- it was a little less green when I was there. I'm only willing to edit the pictures so much.

When Audrey & I first decided to break away from EH & FTM & roll brand new on another server, I rolled a Blood Elf rogue. I had already played 2 hunters & a mage, & remembering the Synr Babysitting in STV days, I thought it would be cool to level a rogue that could then babysit everyone else. After all, we'd chosen a pvp server.

But when Shattered Halls began accepting incoming transfers in July 2007, I moved Tamastara over, & taking my friend Whut's advice speccing deep Frost, became addicted to the Mage class again. Suddenly I was inadvertently in a levelling race with the other mage in the guild, who seemed to take Tamastara's presence as a red flag. It was to the point where I just didn't even want to log in any more, but if I did, it would be on Tamastara. And poor Isep was put on the backburner.

I do take Isep out on occasion, though. She's got all that Rested XP. and needs to level her Lockpicking, badly.

And for the first time I went to Karazhan. Keith has been telling me all this time that I'll really enjoy Kara. And I did. Although we've only killed 3 bosses so far.

The first time we entered Karazhan, we only went as far as Attumen The Hunter, the first boss. We were all surprised (well, except for me, since it was my first time there & I never expect anything to be hard for these guys) at how easy our initial foray was. We had only 9 people. I forget why the guys decided to stop there; I think someone had to leave.

On our 2nd visit we had only 9 of us again but we downed Moroes. That was a little harder.

And I had to run Magisters Terrace three times to be able to run it Heroic because the first time I didn't click on the orb thing.

The 2nd time I freaking released while we were on the boss Kael'thas, whose head I needed to complete the quest. I know, I know --- I should know these things. But nevertheless I ran back, couldn't loot him, & we had to run me through again, later.

It is finally done though.

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