We started out as Horde on Tichondrius, then were Alliance on Staghelm, then... sheesh, I forget already.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Foolishly, I still cling to the idea that one day Audrey is going to play WoW again. So when she mentioned thinking about reactivating her account the other night, I decided I was going to roll an Undead priest for her & level it up as a surprise. Back in EQ Audrey had a couple of Iksars named Dolce & Gabbana, & so I used that idea here.

While running around in Tirisfal Glades I actually turn on the music, but on Quel'Danas for some reason I'm just not in the musical mood. A lot of Alliance (& probably Horde) hang out on Quel'Danas just for pvp; it's a nice concentrated area of players, not to mention somewhat scenic.

Yesterday while questing there was quite a bit of pvp, & things went quite well except with this damn warrior. I couldn't freeze this guy to save my life. Literally. He ended up following me all over the island, ultimately killing me twice. How humiliating.

To his credit, Lski didn't emote on me or anything. Frankly, he didn't need to. While I was desperately running from him out amongst the boats, a mage named Plovos who had been in the original forest-side skirmish & a hunter named Doest blithely stood by while I got pwned by this guy.

When I mentioned in General that I was having a bit of trouble out in the water, Doest remarked, "Yeah, I saw. It was funny."

Note to self: fuck Doest. And fuck Plovos.

Makes you want to reroll Alliance sometimes. But anyway.
BGs continue, but not as much. Pets are still dying. I am running out of Light Feathers.

Berhar, as Daifukku, was being camped for quite awhile in Tanaris. A bunch of us flew down, scenting some vengeful pwnage (sure enough, the camper was only 66.). I got there first. Bryan was unable to make it, being on janitor duty at home.

There was actually a 70 druid around as well, but he showed up later, & then only to help Erni escape.

I got there first. I blasted her a couple times, convinced her she wasn't getting away, & then we danced a little bit while Berhar returned to his corpse. To her credit, she kept dancing until the killing blow.

And then we camped her.

Aaron, having arrived too late to get to kill Ernishawa very many times, felt unfulfilled, & so we trotted around Caverns of Time hoping to get some action.

We didn't actually find any Alliance. They found us. As we were riding along, a group of reds descended upon us with the fury of --- I don't know, little mice.

All I have to say is that Aaron is one hell of a healer. Dayam. Staying alive in pvp, especially when we're outnumbered, is something of a revelation to me, for all the little safety valves Deep Frost affords. When Ryan2 joined us the scales were very much tipped in our favor.

Yeah, Berhar. You can get camped any day.
I'll just put all the Zul'Farrak pictures here.

In the last month we've made a couple of runs, & probably the most successful Divin-o-matic AE event was with me & Ryan2, doing a run for Bill. That Seed of Corruption is the shiet. My Blizzard doesn't ever distribute the corpses in a freaking moon design. With a dude in the middle.

That's skillz.

I've never levelled a warlock past 30, in spite of Tako's constant litany that they are the shit. I believe him, although I'm not necessarily scared of warlocks I encounter in BGs. If I hit them for more than 1k, then I know it will probably be alright.

I kill their pets. But anyway.

And then we took Brent to Kara.

This was a different run than the 9-man Moroes, but it was that much more fun. Poor Brent!

Everybody's basically wearing pvp gear. We barely have enough to run Karazhan, much less anything else. Quite frankly with all the 70s we have it's actually a rare treat to run even a 5-man. When I have to help out more often in my dad's office starting June I'll have even less time to play. Although it's possible that I might be able to post blogs from work. But still. I have so many group & dungeon quests just sitting there in my quest log, & you'd think with all these badass guildies I'd be able to get some of them done!!

And yes, I'm complaining. lol

And, look who's playing WoW again. =)

Sunken Temple revisited; I was pleasantly reminded of the AE possibilities in that place. I didn't go SFK, but hopefully Brent did.

And then this guy. I had named the 2 Ryans Ryan1 & Ryan2, but then said that if this Ryan started playing with us, I would just refer to him as Dickhead. I'm sorry. This guy was never nice to me in From Chaos or in FTM. It didn't really occur to me that he was a jerk until he posted a boast about how his pregnant girlfriend had accused him of caring more about the game than her. Proudly, he told us that he'd told her it was because "the game isn't mental."

Now, granted it's her fault for letting him impregnate her. But once she's fettered into the relationship with his child, & preparing to undergo the most dangerous thing she will ever do in her life, him treating her like that just sucks. And then to go brag about it on the guild forums just reduces him to a piece of shit in my eyes. I'm sorry if you guys like him. I don't. That's my prerogative.

And now for some happy shit.

Apparently there was some silly rogue sneaking around Tarren Mill picking on the lowbies. I didn't have anything to do at the time, so it was a welcome diversion. Other players either blow me up or are blown up. This guy was of the latter persuasion.

And now, I think I'll go get some WoW in before I have to go to work. Fishing daily, you know.


rogan said...

"but it wasn't Terry" rofl good wan

Jon said...

Awwww. I miss your blogs. Oh and I also miss you=)

Audrey said...

Awwww.... You are the bestest sissy EVER! I will play again... just don't know when. :)

OMG! Darren cracks me up. "YOU FUCKIN COCK" ROFL! I can picture him spitting all over his computer screen when he says that! ROFL!

Ryan said...


Audrey, even banned Reid is playing again. Right now he's paying some chinese farmer $60 to level him 1-60 lol.