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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Days Before S4

Well, I had a few more days of fun with guildies before Season 4 came out & they all went back to Staghelm. Oh well. I guess it was fun for awhile.

I eventually got Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive doing daily quests in Quel'Danas. I say eventually because there were many distractions & I was somewhat preoccupied while working on my quests every day.

I mean, I can't be expected to just grind out quests when people are trying to kill me. It's... it's just not polite. And you know me.

Always trying to be nice.

So then there was the day that my friend Darren (Wetard) was getting camped by a couple of 70s from Most Hated in STV. I actually wasn't familiar with the guild Most Hated, although I would come to be. Basically, at the beginning of this fight, I didn't hate them. Heh.

Kevin reached them first & basically played chase master with the pally & mage until I got there. And since I went around the wrong side of Gurubashi when I first arrived, I guess it's a good thing Kevin's got mad skillz at chase master.

Davin joined us with his warrior, & we killed them & camped them, then killed them & camped them... you get the idea. When they died far apart we split up & camped them. Etcetera.

Eventually we killed them & camped them up to the Rebel Camp. We thought about sitting outside & jeering at them but it was more fun to just enter the camp & kill them some more.

As a side note, I made a mistake while typing out the alignment HTML for these 2 screenshots, & ended up with a kind of pleasant picture-text layout. I think I'm gonna keep it.

Anyway, as can be predicted, eventually their friends showed up. If anything can be said for Most Hated, they have guildies who come to help eachother out.

That's cool.

Although their guildies did show up one at a time, it was still fun to see the odds slowly stack up against us. It seemed only fair, anyway, since the odds had been somewhat unkind to Salenne & Hajiie to begin with.

Oh, but wait --- except for when they were picking on a level 37 shaman. Ah ha!!

Anyway, the day's fun slowly wound down as more & more Most Hated showed up. It was still fun, of course, but since my length of time spent alive was getting shorter & shorter between rezzes I'd have to say the Fun factor was getting compromised.

It happens.

One hordie showed up, but he turned out to be a cross-faction friend of Most Hated. Oh well. It was fun anyway.

In other news, I finally got my Arcatraz run. =)

We also had some fun when Brent went AFK.

I think Ryan1 did end up having to die (did Feign Death get resisted?) while we stood at the end of the hallway giggling to ourselves like evil schoolchildren. But it was worth it.

It probably would have been even funnier if Ryan1 decided to bring the mobs down the hall to us & wipe everybody, but he didn't. I guess that's a good thing.

And, more time for fun in... I forget where this is. Mechanar? Botanica? Sheesh, it was a long time ago.

And then this picture made me think of what it was like to be married. Thank God I was able to get out of THAT one.

In addition to running much-needed instances & getting back at those asshole Fel Reavers, we also did a few BGs. Ryan1 is indeed leet, by the way.


And Arena! I got to go again! And we actually won some games! I didn't end up feeling like a complete loser!

I don't know if it's that I finally got my Resilience over 300. I worked my butt off getting the Honor needed to buy that 40k Medallion of the Horde. Took me almost a week since I refuse to use any of those cheater botting mods.

I have to admit, though... it's tempting. I think to myself how much wear & tear I'm putting on my poor overworked hands, & how I could just do it while I'm sleeping, or while I'm at work. Just for a few hours.

But no.

I'd rather know exactly how I got whatever I've got.

And then we took three rogues --- including Isep --- to my favorite instance.


With Logs tanking & Ryan1 healing, we three rogues didn't have a whole lot to worry about. We only wiped once when Logs ran up to Marduk Blackpool & whacked him, aggroing the entire room of students.

Couldn't resist.

It was fun though. And we got them all the second time around. Probably faster than two mages would have. I don't know.

I also got to take a couple of cheap shots at Tako.

Hee hee.

And in other news, Audrey & I ran around on some alts. I was so inspired by Davin's Wrath Of Air totem that I rolled a shammy. Kind of a pain in the ass to level, though. I got to 10 & then I was frustrated.

And then there was the Midsummer Fire Festival. I don't get it; is this supposed to allude to the 4th of July? I did a whole lot of torch catching in hopes of earning enough blossoms to buy that Dancing Flame. I'm about 2% of the way. Yeah, I'm a lousy torch catcher.

One of the quests offered involves putting out the big flames in enemy territory, thereby depriving them of this cool buff. This meant that there were sometimes Alliance in Horde territory.

We found some, outside Thunder Bluff. I got there as soon as I could.

It was a group of some gay guild called BestFriendsForeverClub, & some of them had pvp gear, but maybe they weren't used to world pvp. So we killed them, & we camped them, then we killed them & camped them, then we chased them & killed them, & camped them... you get the idea. Other Alliance came to help out, in vain. It got awfully monotonous.

In the end the Alliance all scattered & ran away --- we killed them as far as we could but we couldn't catch 'em all. We tried. Ryan & Kevin eventually headed back to Shatt, but Logs & I decided to try to hold on to our newfound friendship with one of the shammies.

We chased him right out of Mulgore & into The Barrens. We caught up with him at one of the Oases, whichever is on the way to Ratchet, where he figured he could get some help from the guards if not his BFFs.

After we killed him in the oasis, Logs hung out by his corpse & I rode ahead to wait patiently on the road to Ratchet.

Yeah, we're so sneaky.

Then we killed him along the road to Ratchet. He was so close to safety! He must have been wondering just how long we would actually wait around just to kill him again.

BGs continued.

And... more AE in Zul'Farrak. This is why I got that mallet, you know. So I could go on ZF runs.

And then this guy. I know there are cheaters (you fuckers) who bot entire AVs all night. But in smaller BGs, like Eye of the Storm, it hurts when someone does that. This guy only went AFK for several minutes of the game, but he's still an asshole. And the fact that he wanted to discuss his asshole with me was just annoying.

Tako also hit 70 on yet another character. Grats Tako! Preez try to Bombzahabba!

So anyway.

I log on to Onyxia, say hello, listen to the echo, then try to get my BG daily done. Krissy's back, & I know Tako & Reid are still around, but most of the time it's just really quiet. I assume the guys will eventually come back to Onyxia once they've gotten all their Brutal gear or once the politics get too stupid, but in the meantime I just feel lazy.

So text me if you guys are going to be on & I'll log on. Til then I'm hanging out somewhere where I don't mind it being that quiet.

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