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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

World of PvP, continued.

I knew there was a reason why I was always carrying 2.5 stacks of Light Feathers in my bags.

In Basin, it means I can assist at the Blacksmith after looking down from the Lumber Mill & seeing that they need more hands. And of course Slow Fall is wonderful for surprise attacks at the Gold Mine.

In Eye, it simply means that I can end up in the same place as anyone else within the same amount of time, without taking fall damage.

But most importantly, it looks very cool. And Priests can't do it with Levitate. Heh.

I was in a Warsong Gulch that started off just looking like a simple, straightforward loss. The game started, & a few of us headed in on Offense, but there was no team to speak of & our attempt seemed to disintegrate.

After the Alliance had capped the flag once, I told the group that someone had to agree to go in & get the flag & I would cover their exit. 4 of us went in, I did as promised, & all of a sudden we became a team, complete with communication & camaraderie. Apparently everyone knew how to operate as a team, but someone had to actually say something to get a concerted effort.

It was actually pretty exciting when everyone began working together, but we definitely worked very hard. 188 honor doesn't seem like enough.


In other news, I helped Liltu evasion tank Stratholme... & we saved the girl! I've never saved the girl before. Someone called it a 45-minute Strat. Well, I guess that was my first one. Very pleased.

More hunters siccing their pets on me in Eye, then calling their pets back... too late.

I know... it's getting boring.

One day we were in a group, about to run something, when Davin made some new friends just outside Shatt. Eventually they gave up, but it was fun for a little while.

Old Hillsbrad. Since back in that time there weren't Undead & Taurens, etc., we all had human forms once we entered. Good to know I didn't get the "old lady" face.

As I've said before, it's a treat to be able to run instances with people who are not only my friends, but who know what they're doing.

Sometimes, although lately rather often, I find myself in a group of friends who know what they're doing... & I don't know what I'm doing. I've heard Logs rip people new assholes, so being in a group with him always adds a little bit of excitement for me. Like when I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, & it becomes a little riskier-feeling when I make guesses.

I think Logs hasn't yelled at me (yet) because I'm a girl.

Yeehaw, girl card.

I don't remember grouping with Keda-Logan much, but I bet it was similarly exciting. Except that I don't know if Keda-Logan answered random trivia questions while tanking & ripping new assholes.

Kevin: So Logan, who was the first man to climb Mount Everest?
Logan (without pause): I believe that would be Edmund Hillary.
Kevin: And what country lowered their flags to half mast at his death?
Logan: Uh, New Zealand.
Me: What the fuck.

And... pvp continues. It's rare but nice to get shatter crits on other players. This is mostly because they never stay frozen long enough. So it's nice when it actually does happen.

More time spent defending Halaa.

And... pvp continues. I'm sitting down drinking in Nagrand, & I see a little NE hunter looking at me. He smiles at me. I smile at him.

We need to freaking nerf Hunters. Hunters are certainly overpowered. But not that overpowered. For whatever reason he attacks (yay!), but then starts running once he realizes he is going to die; he doesn't get to run very far of course. The 70 human warlock didn't lift a hand to help him as he ran by either.

I probably should have just killed his cat & then gone after him (oh, poor thing, no flying mount?), but I figured I would be straightforward about it.

And that's all for now. I still haven't gotten through April's screenshots, but the sun is rising already & I need to go to bed.

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