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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring 2008, Part I.

Alterac Valley. It's currently the best way to farm honor; even if you lose you still make a couple hundred. I've been in pathetic losing AVs with various other players berating the entire rest of the raid for being stupid (it has to be some kind of psychological complex.) & AVs where we were inexorably, unavoidably losing only to somehow kill Vanndar Stormpike before the Alliance guys got Drek, & I sat here confused for a few seconds staring at my screen. I've been in games where we won with both generals still alive; the Alliance simply ran out of reinforcements.

There are so many aspects to playing Alterac Valley as well. Within the categories of Offense & Defense there are many different tasks which must be carried out to ensure a strong & timely push. Personally, I'm a fan of Defense --- any aspect of Defense, or actually as many aspects of Defense as I can fit into a game --- because on D there's a lot of red.

At right I am fulfilling a long-contemplated fantasy, which involves AEing folks in the Iceblood Garrison. They've come to kill Galvanger, who is, frankly, fairly easy. But then a mage! Comes out! And annoys everyone!!

It's like real life!! Well.

I am a mage & I love to AE. I don't know if other mages also have this sickness, but I would assume so. To have a small room packed with other players that I can AE is... well... it's just exciting. Now the truth is that I'm going to get blown up faster than a goldfish in a pirahna tank & will have barely made a dent in the Alliance army's progress, but it'll be fun.

I mean, just look at all those yellow numbers.

Once in awhile I'll actually try to sheep a healer before I hop into the mob & do my thing, but usually it's just about AEing & making as many yellow numbers as possible before I show up in Iceblood Graveyard, where a few, or sometimes a lot, or sometimes all the Alliance that just finished blowing me up inside Oceblood Garrison are just about to cap the Iceblood GY flag.

Sometimes I can take down one of them before they gangbang me all the way back to Frostwolf Graveyard. Other times, there aren't any Alliance out at Iceblood Graveyard yet & in disappointment I must mount up & ride South to defend Frostwolf territory.

I know, it's so mundane.

There's still world pvp, of course. Mostly we've had skirmishes in Outlands while those not yet 60 pined away as my pvplog went off. I was lucky enough to score a little action while running around STV on my hunter.

Ok, so it was dumb action, but action nonetheless. I was killing pirates out on the beach, looting snuff & looking for maps, when a stealthed rogue snuck right past me (yeah, I saw him as he passed by.) & surprised me by going after my pet. Not the most popular strategy, but maybe he thought that with 3 or 4 levels on me he was uber enough to be that sassy.

The way I see it, though, is that I've got 163 levels of Hunter to his 47 levels of Rogue. And besides, Hunters need to be nerfed so badly it's not even funny. We needed to be nerfed even before they took away our deadzone & gave our shots more fuckyouup enhancements.

So anyway, he jumped poor Sausage, who was scrapping a pirate caster. I started shooting him, & although he killed my piggy, was unable to re-stealth (Rogue 101: you can't stealth with a Hunter's Mark & Serpent Sting on you), although he still used his flash powder. He then came after me, but dueling pet-less with Toshiaki on Staghelm had impressed upon me the virtues of kiting, & so I kited him. In the water. In a circle.

I'm not kidding about the circle. It really was in a nice little circle. I didn't want to swim too far out.

I rolled a hunter alt on Spirestone to play with my friend Greg, & every time someone challenged me to a duel in Brill I would ask them to give me a second while I turned off my pet. And then I just kited their asses. I only ever got challenged by melee types, & never anyone lower level than me. Typical. Anyway, hunters are stupidly overpowered.

I'll refrain from making a disparaging comment about an ex-boyfriend here.

Once, on Staghelm, Toshiaki ("Come on, Toshi!") invited me to duel while we waited for our friends in the hallway of the Stratholme back door. It's a long L-shaped hallway, with the instance entrance on the shorter leg. I hadn't called my pet &, being excited about dueling (I have no experience dueling.), I forgot. When the countdown started, I ran down the hallway & hid behind the corner, dropping a freeze trap. Tosh stealthed into the freeze trap, & I ran past him into the long hallway, Concussive & Scattershotting him as he tried to follow me. By the time he got into my deadzone (we still had one, back then), a Raptor Strike finished him off.

Yeah, only duel I ever won on Minionette.

Speaking of duels, here's one right outside Shadowfang Keep.

Bryan does have some violent tendencies, although coupled with his good taste in Undead facial accessories entirely forgivable. I feel the need (the need for someone else to bleed) myself sometimes. But here I just wanted to see if he could actually hit me. Yeah yeah, insert worn out innuendo here. Anyway, after stabbing me to death (Yeah right. We didn't have that kind of time.), Bryan went on to have a friendly duel with Brent.

Tako started hanging out & transferred his nekkid rogue Bombzahabba over. Well, not completely nekkid.

Tako is, like many of the FTM dorks, some kind of fucking biologically engineered WoW gear library. I'm serious. Tako could be wildly successful in the World of Warcraft Personal Shopper Service, where poorly geared simpletons such as myself could ask for help & he would say, "Oh, easy. You need to go to & kill for which has , but has a drop rate of like so we'd have to probalby run it a few times. And then after that blah blah blah more of the same."

Anyway, there was something Tako wanted out of Zul'Farrak, but we ended up making a full run of it, & Ryan scored. Well, not really. lol

Anyway, that's all I'm going to post tonight. I have more, but... I'm sleepy.

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