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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Camp Fire.

Today in Blackwind Landing (Skettis), some fire mage named Faustus was taking shots at various Horde who were running around amidst guards who would attack us if we fought back. As long as he cast out of range of guards, he wouldn't catch aggro from them.

He got me twice. Took me a little while to figure out where he was.

He also took out a few other Horde that were in the Landing, some of them AFK. Frankly, it's a great idea to use that Fire range & nuke other players who assume they're in a safe area. I'm not sure what I think of his talent build, since it seemed like all he knew how to cast was Pyroblast.

He had another full fire mage named Craiig helping him, & that guy actually did me in really fast. But then my gear is crap.

Anyway, the sneaky nuking lasted a few minutes, & then everyone was on to him. He did a good job of fleeing into the middle of the Landing where he thought we'd have difficulty nuking him, but no such luck. He did have the "Run Like A Bitch" talent (Blazing Speed) but he died anyway.

When he rezzed he immediately ran into the Landing but there were 3 of us on him, & we were pissed. It takes some effort to make a dent in all that resilience but we were determined. The orc rogue even took durability so he could get the killing blow.

Considering that Alliance are 1:3 on this server (well, that may change with the free incoming transfers), it's a gutsy thing any time Alliance want to play. I suppose I can see why he'd try to be sneaky like that. We should give him props for having balls for sniping.

But anyway.

Fuck you Faustus.

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