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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Landing on Onyxia

It was at Sean's Christmas BBQ that I was lured back into the World of Warcrack. I'd sat there on Sean's back porch, enjoying the friendly geektalk, never realizing that my sojourn in the land of nongaming emptiness was about to come to an end.

Here's kind of how it went.

Kevin (Shimatori): So, are you ever going to come back?
Me: I want to. But I just don't want to play Alliance. (sad face)
Kevin: We're playing Horde on this other server.

Me: RLY? (really, that's how I said it.)

Kevin: Yeah. Blah blah blah blah blah. (My hearing becomes impaired when I'm excited. Sorry.)
Me: Is it a pvp server?
Kevin: Yeah. Blah blah blah blah.
Me: What's the name of the server?
Kevin: Hold on, I gotta ask Brent. It's Onyxia.
Me: Onyxia?
Kevin: Yeah.
Me: Gee, look at the time. K, see you guys later.

I ended up leaving the BBQ just as Darren, Cy & Kruse were arriving. Darren scored a very spiffy folding chair since in my haste to get home I forgot to pack it up. It's a very comfortable chair. Moto kept trying to sit in it every time I went inside the house. Maybe I better get that chair from Darren.

After 2 months of abstinence (well, not real abstinence... I played Krissy's characters) & an $800 spending excess (this is outside of the Christmas shopping), I was ready to come back. In fact, I was looking for a reason to come back. I went home that night & transferred both Tamastara & Isep from Shattered Halls.

Remembering how to play Tamastara wasn't instant; I kicked around Skettis for several days farming Sha'tari Skyguard rep & basically just relaxing.

Yeah. I want one of those nether ray mounts.

Now, you guys don't have to believe me. But it's nice to be back. Tamastara is my first WoW character & she'll probably always be my favorite. Hell, look at my email & my MySpace. While certain friends of mine are unhappy about my return to Warcrack, the joy I feel is undeniable. I'm sorry guys. Moving on.

Phil advised me to spend some time in Battlegrounds, & so I forced myself. It's so important to have discipline for when you do stuff that's really fuckin' fun.

On Shattered Halls I had really enjoyed BGing with my priest, Dunizel. On Onyxia I decided to roll an Undead Priest (Devouring Plague). I named her Cemira, after a character from Tanith Lee's Mortal Suns. I've been spending so much time on Tamastara, though, that I doubt I'll get very far with Cemira. Still, it's fun. =)

I've never been successful playing a Tauren, Orc, or Troll. All my characters are either Undead or Blood Elf, & between those 2 I prefer Undead. I love my laugh. I love my jokes. I love looking evil & gross. When other players thank me, I welcome them by saying, "Ehh." When someone else levels, I congratulate them with a sarcastic, "Today certainly is your day!"

So, maybe I'd enjoy an RP server. In DAoC I always rolled on those. I'd never get married ingame or anything though.

That's just retarded.

Joy rolled a Tauren warrior, Audrey rolled a BE warlock, & Jayson (Ino's brother) rolled a shammy. Which meant, of course, a visit to RFC.

Kevin got his horsie. I know, I know... I'm a dick. lol Hey, Isep has to ride one of those around!

On Onyxia we've joined a level 70 guild called Rapture, but it's taking awhile to get to know people. I've volunteered to go on instance runs here & there when a guildie asks for help, & even flown across Outlands to help out a guildie lucky enough to get some pvp. They've invited me to Karazhan a couple of times but I have yet to get keyed.

Recently I was lucky enough to get a skilled, personable PUG for Shadow Labs. Believe me, it's lucky. So far it seems like any PUG with Perdition will go well.

I dunno; is that good?

On the same night we headed to Steamvault, another virgin instance for me. It was extremely quick, but fun.

Perhaps the best part was running into some Alliance outside. In the end I got blown up, but there's nothing like world pvp to put a wide smile on one's face.
Kevin & I had both picked up our ZF mallets & so we made a foray into Zul'Farrak, where I found more opportunities to sing, loudly.

Rapture's Guildmaster, Fleise, gave me my Conjure Food 8. This damn tome has been 500g on the AH every time I checked. When I mentioned that I did not yet have Ritual of Refreshment (Refreshment Table) due to lack of Food 8, Fleise mentioned that they had one in the guild bank & to meet her so she could give it to me.

I'm so happy now.

So far I've only put one Rapture guildie on Ignore, & knowing how Ignore Happy I am, that's not bad. Fleise seems to be genuinely nice & every time she's on it's obvious how well-liked she is by all the guildmembers. I've also chatted with a few others & they seem very nice.

Initially I wasn't entirely pleased with certain guildies, like the 61 Paladin who asked for help in Eastern Plaguelands & then gave me shit about flying from Undercity when, as she said, flying from Ghostlands would be faster. When I told her that I didn't have the FP to Silvermoon City, she said, "Can't you get there from the translocator in Undercity?" Nevermind that I've never picked up the FP to Ghostlands. Hey bitch, I'm coming out to help you, ok?

In Nagrand a 68 pally asked for help with a 70 warrior who was camping her. I was nearby so I flew over to lend a hand. Pinkhair was already halfway when I got there, & for some reason never got the Intercept off, & went down fairly quietly. The pally rezzed & I hung out a bit. Pinkhair came by to say hello to me, then went back to whatever she had been doing. The pally booted me from group once I told her it looked pretty safe. That's the thanks I get.

Today I spent celebrating AV weekend. Supposedly we get more honor than usual playing AV, but I would never know because I never look at the damn BG window when it closes. I'm too busy trying to get out so I can queue for another game. Oh well. Who cares about the stupid honor anyway.

And then we ran Wailing Caverns. I ported to Silvermoon City (no, I didn't get the port yet. I used the stupid translocator in Undercity, like the paladin bitch said.) & moved Bryan's 18 Priest to Orgrimmar, & then we ran to The Barrens. I felt so safe, being shielded & Renewed as we trotted along through dangerous level 10 lands.

I know, I know... I give Bryan a lot of shit. Girls are allowed to give Bryan a lot of shit, & God knows that we do. He's actually a really good sport about it, no doubt because he knows it all stems from love. Picture me nodding my head with an earnest look on my face.

Even more ludicrous is trying to picture Bryan as a healer. Hm. He's gonna be Shadow all the way. At 18 he's already got points in Blackout. You know why he rolled a priest. It wasn't because he wanted to make the world a better place. This is what I love about Bryan. lol

That & the fact that he's almost as fun as Lavicka. Meaning that all he has to do is be present & funny shit pops into my head. Hm, how I miss Nephilim. Speak into the lower microphone please.

Anyway. I'm back. I'm back, & I have this big smile on my face. Ah, the adventures we shall have. I get to play Horde. On a pvp server. With FTM guys. And my sister. And my roommate.

Would you tell me, how could it be, any better than this?

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joy said...

Well I have to admit that reactivating my account and playing has been fun. I quess I did miss it more than I thought. I think it's been a year or so since I've played WoW and playing with no drama is sooooooooooo refreshing. I miss my druid though.