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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Minionette's Last Day

The end of October.

My account was up on Halloween, & before pulling the plug I figured I'd make a last visit to my friends on Staghelm. My stomach was a little upset, maybe because I was considering cancelling my subscription. Or maybe from the avocado.

I was greeted warmly. Can't tell you how nice that is.

And then Rob took me along to visit the Headless Horseman!

The Horseman was quite a friendly guy. Very impressive entrance; decent poetry. I realize I was quite privileged to be along on what was meant for a team of level 70s. There are some perks to being friends with badasses I guess; they made it look so easy.

We actually ran it twice, & I may have mixed the picture order up a little. It was very nice to see Acer, who I hadn't seen since everyone was 60 & we were running AB & WSG all day.

Anyway, thanks guys for a great last day. I did have until the end of the month, but once it was cancelled, I just didn't feel like logging in. Besides, I had my goodbyes to say on Shattered Halls. To Tamastara, & Dunizel. /sniff

Don't worry. If I can't hack RL, I'll be back. I figured I should at least give it a try, you know?

But man, will I miss the pvp.

1 comment:

Philip said...

You'll be missed. Fishing won't be the same =(