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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tamastara's 2nd blog

I think this was written in May 2005. Copied from my MySpace since blog storage seems a bit precarious over there. Do yourself a favor & scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, & then navigate from the Archives lists.
This is Bryce's Narcoleptic Panda. It's a bonus that came with the WoW Collector's Edition. I really really really want one now.

Here are a few shots from an Alliance raid on Undercity, the main city in my hometown. For those of you who don't know (but still care), when an enemy is in your hometown they can't attack you unless you attack them. While they can't attack you, their names will all appear in yellow. Once it's on, their names all turn red.

Last night Brad & I were questing in Ashenvale, which is contested territory. We did see a few Alliance running around, but since the previous night we'd shared space with other Alliance without bothering eachother, we ignored them. But in truth they were really just waiting for an opening. Oh well.
And then that piece of shit spit on Brad.

And here are a few pictures from Alliance lands.

So what, Greg, do you know this guy?

Things to be happy about: My sister is playing WoW with us, my girlfriend Krissy is playing WoW with us, and we got to gank back at someone who 3:1'd Brad when he had just come into port at Ratchet.

Update February 19: Freaking Brad is level 37 now; I haven't been able to get much play in because of the new job. Fuck.

And my friend Tom (Maslethalo/Hotcana of EQ Bastard Fame) starts up on our server.


Brad & I had some questing to do in Stranglethorn last night. There were a lot of Alliance running around, & though in the end we were outnumbered & outlevelled, I did have some fun before I died like 10 times. The only thing that really burned me up was that I never got to do any damage to that sneaky bitch Clea. Come out & fight, dammit!! p

And damn those Hunters.

February 26: So the other night Mark decided to accompany me through Stranglethorn. Stealthed. It was SWEET.

And then there was this Hung Hing guy who kept coming back. And coming back. I think we must have killed him like 10 times. This guy wouldn't even wait until he had recovered hitpoints from his rezz to start trouble all over again. Later on we saw a bunch of Horde beating up on some Alliance dude. Again, it was Shaolinkid. He should really try using the Force next time. Or just logic. But I just don't like his guild anyway. They just give me bad feelings.

Anyway, remember my friend Lune?

I saw him again at Crossroads. I swear, Envy just LOVES Crossroads. Maybe it's the wealth of Horde toons usually around 40 levels lower than them that they like. Oh, & NPCs 20 levels below them. Anyway, I only assisted in it, but finally, finally, my dream is made reality...
I'm so happy!!!

Anyway, here are more pics of fun I have had in Stranglethorn. Brad doesn't like that zone, but I do, even with the PvP. Maybe because of the PvP. Or maybe it's just the Tropical Beach Island Reality Show feeling the place gives off.

Know what I really hate? I really hate it when you're fighting int he forest & you can't see 'cuz of leaves. That is SO irritating. And no, there's not usually enough time in a fight to adjust the view. Or there wasn't this time, dammit.

Monday, February 28. I'm not going to get to play Tuesday & Wednesday of this week & I'm kind of bummed about it. Brad is 45 now --- that tweaker. Channon made an alt like yesterday & will probably outlevel me in a few days at the rate I'm going. Yeah, so I'm a little depressed.

I'm getting more used to the early hours of my job, & I think I've reached a point in my training where I can actually make an assessment of how little I know. Previously I had no fucking clue how much I didn't know. Now it's beginning to become apparent how little I know. And this is progress. Sheez.

Anyway, Joy & I were jogging on the beach in Stranglethorn when this Troll Rogue zooms past us, hotly pursued by a NE Rogue. We paused to watch them go past, & when I realized it was aggro & not purely gayness (hey, it was a Night Elf.), & sheeped the NE & Joy & I resumed our jog.

We reached our spot on the beach & were about to lay out our towels when lo & behold, the NE came running up the beach at us. Yeah, I understand we have that effect sometimes. So I rush him, root & Cone, & then we killed him.

Same night, Envy, being already on my KOS list, gets Boldface & Underline too.
My last few hours in Stranglethorn with Joy did involve a few mobs, but I have no pictures of them. Instead I have these:

Yeah, we killed Darkrival 5 times & Malekith 4 times. This is because Malekith showed up to the fight late. Please note the stats under their icons. And see, I did owe that dude Minas' guild. Although I do feel bad about killing him 3 times to make it even.

And then I was really tired & had a nap with Korupter & my sis in Orgrimmar.

Last update:
I think I have to start a new blog already because this is getting too long. And MySpace now won't let me view my blogs one at a time, so it gets hard to scroll down quickly without missing the end of the page.

I hate MySpace. I wish I didn't have my blogs here. Everything takes SO long to load. And I get all these messages from people I don't know who just want to fill up my limited time with nonsense.

Ok, so I'm tired & need a nap. Here's a pic of my PvPlog. It's from a UI called "Remod" which I got from my guildie Bokonon. The numbers have changed by now. But I thought I would just post it for record-keeping's sake.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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