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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From the MySpace Archives: From Chaos days

MySpace has never been overly blog-friendly, especially in the realm of archiving. I'm going to slowly start moving stuff over. In the meantime, I offer you my beginner's html. Just look at all those resized pictures. Beautiful. I can't believe I went through so much trouble to have blurry graphics. Oh well. I go through a lot of trouble for small rewards; it seems to be my lot in life.

Blame Darren.

He stops by on my last night at KSC & gives me his copy of WoW & a naughty-looking 10-Day Buddy Pass. He tells me the guild really needs more casters & the WoW version of a Chanty is like an EQ Chanty with better nukes. And then there's PvP. I guess maybe I was doomed already.

We're playing Horde, which is the other choice besides Alliance. Alliance are humans, elves, dorfs, & gnomes. They're all so freaking cute. They really are. It's amazing to me that everyone on the Alliance side isn't all still level 20 or under because they've been spending all their gaming time on cyber in the noob towns. Horde side is Undead, Trolls, Orcs, & these big old bull-looking things called Taurens. Yeah, we're not sexy at all. It's amazing we're not all level 60 already simply because it's easier to look at mobs than eachother.

So far, my Undead Mage (the WoW version of an Enchanter) is 24 & is running around in a PvP zone & getting killed all over the place. I have participated in the deaths of several Alliance bastards, but killed none solo. And then recently Brad & I developed these "standards" against killing Alliance that were friendly. I know, we need to toughen up.

In my 1st few days of play, I noticed that Keith's gf Jocelyn didn't play WoW along with us. And I thought she should. A few other friends agreed with me.

One of the things that's really keeping me involved with this game is that a large number of people I personally know & like play it. They don't look like this in real life, of course. At least not on the outside.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the WoW version of Mezz is to turn the target into a sheep? Har har har.

Brad started playing along with me. He made an Orc Hunter. Hunters are cool 'cuz they have pets. They develop relationships with their pets & all that. I have a pet - a little kitty cat - but it's not as kickass as Brad's pet.

And then there's PvP. We like PvP. We still suck, but we like it.

And here are other miscellaneous pictures from my 1st few weeks of WoW.

February 8, 2005
So now Tamastara is 26 & levelling has slowed down a bit. But the PvPing hasn't.

Then just when I thought they were all gone, this freaking NE rogue comes out of nowhere (well out of Stealth.) & slaughters me. But then a Troll rogue just happened to be nearby. And then, Beefcake in Charred Vale. That asshole.

And then there was the night that our server crashed, & disappeared from the server list. So we logged into Laughing Skull, where I understand we play Alliance. Joy & I made these 2 gay little Night Elves.

More miscellaneous screenshots.

Alt adventures.

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